Maya Kutz is the founder of ESW-NYC and recently graduated from Smith College with a B.S. in Engineering Sciences and a concentration in Sustainable Food. She has been working with ESW since her first year in college and is passionate about facilitating sustainable change wherever she is. Maya was recently interviewed by Christopher Vega of the ESW National Team and you can find her on LinkedIn here.
Tom Bruno is a lifelong nature-lover and believer in the ever-improving capabilities of humanity to transcend any limitations in order to create a world we can be proud of. He graduated from Stony Brook University with a B.S. in Coastal Environmental Studies and has worked professionally with several government agencies on projects oriented towards sustainable natural resource management. Additionally, he possesses skills in gardening, project management, sustainability, outreach and partnerships which he hopes to utilize well in his service to ESW NYC.

Jane Karetny is the organizational facilitator for ESW NYC. She is a systems thinker who believes that solutions exist in cross-sectoral collaboration. Jane completed her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies at Stony Brook University then went on to pursue a certificate in Public Health while working in the health and sustainability field. Her feats include the design of a home vertical garden, conservation work across the five boroughs, and the development of a park use monitoring study for NYC parks. A formative year spent on an Appalachian farm in coal county Maryland inspires her current focus on agricultural, environmental health and human well-being.


Perry Leung is an environmentalist who would like to see humans thrive on Earth in a sustainable way. He served as a consultant to global financial services firms for more than five years, and has chosen to take skills and experiences from that career to help companies and governments understand how their waste can be reduced, reused, and recycled. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Environmental Science at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, with a concentration in Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Materials Management (LinkedIn). He is glad to have found the ESW-NYC team, and really enjoys working hands-on together to bring sustainable change projects to life in his hometown.


Craig Broccoli is an idea engineer who works in higher education access. With degrees in mechanical engineering and an MBA from Binghamton University, he is interested in merging the worlds of sustainable design with sustainable business platforms. Previously Craig has worked a startup wind energy company, designed a built a biodiesel fuel processor, and worked on a fledgling aquaponics startup. His passions encompass equal access to good food, education, and energy, while using engineering solutions to make this possible.


Richard A. Davis is a permaculturalist who designs sustainable urban farms in NY public schools with the objective of sparking children’s early interest in sustainability. He has an A.S. in Business from Drake Business School and certificates in sustainability from Queens Botanical Garden. He is currently a student in urban farming at the New York Botannical Garden. He has been a brand ambassador for numerous NGOs, speaking on food safety, water and social justice issues. His passion is for showing people how they can live a fun, sustainable lifestyle.


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